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9/23/2018 » 9/27/2018
53rd Annual FAPGMI Educational Seminar and Board of Directors Meeting

9/26/2018 » 9/28/2018
St. Augustine 3 Day Code Training Seminar - First Coast Chapter - 2018

10/3/2018 » 10/5/2018
Pinellas Park 3 Day Code Training Seminar - Suncoast Chapter - 2018

Tallahassee - Permit Tech Study Course

Cross Training Programs
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BOAF’s Cross Training Programs for Inspectors and Plans Examiners is an alternative eligibility path to certification in an additional category for participants that qualify per 61G1-7.001(1).  This comprehensive program is designed with a foundation of building code courses and on-the-job training for new hires or individuals seeking licensure in additional categories to replace the state’s 5-year experience requirement. 

To be in the Cross Training Program, an individual must be licensed through F.S. 468 or certified through F.S. 633.  They must provide 3 years of verifiable full time work experience in inspection or plans review and must have a pre-approved trainer that is licensed and endorsed in the category of the program the applicant is seeking.  A licensed Fire Inspector must provide the same documentation in addition to a copy of their Firesafety Certificate.

A trainer must complete a Trainer Information Form and submit a copy of their licensee details to include endorsements as listed on DBPR. 

To apply for the Cross Training Program, you must complete the BOAF online Pre-Participation Application, upload your 3 year work experience affidavit, trainer information form, trainer license verification documents and pay the non-refundable pre-participation application fee of $250.00 which is due upon submission.

Once your application is received it will be reviewed and processed.  You will receive an email from BOAF when you have been approved.  You will be given an approval date and expiration date.  BOAF’s Cross Training Programs need to be completed within 36 months (3 years) from the date of approval. 

Each trade program is a total of 200 hours, includes BOAF coursework and on-the-job (OJT) training hours.  Several courses are available online and others are presented twice each year at the BOAF office in Sanford.  Students may work through the online coursework at their own speed.  To learn more about how BOAF online courses work, click here.  Coursework fees are additional to application fees.  Course registration fees start at $49 per hour for BOAF state members, with a discount for multi-hour courses.  Once completed, BOAF coursework is good for 3 years from the date of completion.  Several of the courses overlap the trade areas, for example, Ethics in Construction is a requirement in each of the four trade programs.  To view our upcoming Cross Training Schedule click here.

Once an applicant receives an approval into the program, they can begin training.  OJT time obtained before the approval date will not be accepted. 

Upon completion of all coursework and OJT, a final online application is required.  The Post Application fee is $245 and is due upon submission.

Please be sure to read all the information related to this program prior to your submission.  All rules and instructions are posted on the BOAF website.  As these are subject to change on occasion, we suggest you refer to the web pages during your training to stay abreast of any changes.

After reviewing this information, if you have any questions about BOAF’s Cross Training Programs, please see our Cross Training FAQs or contact us at

Below is a breakdown of each trade area requirement and the required coursework.

BOAF Cross Training Programs











On-the-Job (OJT)





On-the-job training hours are specific to Inspector or Plans Examiner Programs

Total Program





Click on the course listings below to learn more and to register.

Required Online Classes

Ethics in Construction - 1 hour: BCAIB No. 5007691, ICC PPP No. 11544- Online Class

Laws & Rules for the Building Official - 2 hours: BCAIB No.5008037, ICC PPP No. 11535- Online Class

Communication Skills - 1 hour: BCAIB No. 5008039, ICC PPP No. 11530 - Online Class


Inspection and Plan Review Techniques - 2 hours- Online Class - BCAIB No. 5008064, ICC PPP No. 11532



Developing Effective Inspector Skills - 7 hours: BCAIB No. 5007991

Part 1

Special Piping, Storage Systems and Grey Water Recycling Systems
2 hours

Combustion Air - Mechanical
2 Hours - BCAIB Approved

Specific Electrical Items and Electrical Safety - 2 hours

Building Materials - 6 hours
BCAIB No. 5008185

Florida Building Code for Accessibility and Energy Conservation - 3 hours
BCAIB No. 5008063

Chimneys & Vents - 1 hour
BCAIB Approved

Introduction to Article 90
1 hour - BCAIB No. 5008084

Roof Drainage and the Sizing of Water System Piping - 2 hours
BCAIB No. 5008085

Solar Systems - Mechanical - 1 hour
BCAIB Approved

Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Alternative Energy Systems
1 hour

Swimming Pool and Spa Heaters - Mechanical - 1 hours

Tables in Chapter 9 - 1 hour
BCAIB No. 5008079

Existing Building Code Relating to Mechanical Systems - 1 Hour

Part 2

Intro to Plumbing - 1 hour

Intro to Mechanical - 1 hour

Wiring, Protection and Grounding - 7 hours

Special Inspections and Tests
1 hour - BCAIB Approved

General Regulations - Plumbing
2 hours - BCAIB Approved

General Regulations-Mechanical
2 hours - BCAIB Approved

Interior Environments
1 hour - BCAIB No. 5008080

Indirect/Special Waste - Plumbing - 1 hour - BCAIB Approved

Ventilation - Mechanical
2 hours - BCAIB Approved

Swimming Pools - 3 hours
BCAIB No. 5008083

Traps, Interceptors and Separators - Plumbing - 1 hour - BCAIB Approved

Exhaust Systems - Mechanical
2 hours - BCAIB Approved

State Regulations for Educational Facilities - 1 hour
BCAIB No. 5008082

Vents - Plumbing - 2 hour - BCAIB Approved

Part 3

Fixtures, Faucets and Fixture Fittings - 2 hours - BCAIB Approved

Duct Systems - Mechanical - 2 Hours - BCAIB Approved

Intro to Electrical - 1 hour

Intro to Building - 1 hour

Water Heaters - Plumbing - 1 hour - BCAIB Approved

Specific Appliances - Mechanical - 1 hour - BCAIB Approved

Requirements for the Electrical Installations - 1 hour

Types of Constructions, Building Heights and Areas - 4 hours

Water Supply and Distribution - Plumbing - 2 hours - BCAIB Approved

Boilers, Water Heaters and Pressure Vessels - Mechanical - 2 Hours

Equipment for General Use
3 hours

Structural Design, Roof Assemblies and Structures, and Soils and Foundations - 3 hours

Sanitary Drainage - 2 hours - BCAIB Approved

Refrigeration - 1 hours - BCAIB Approved

Florida Energy Conservation
2 hours

Energy Conservation - Mechanical - 2 Hours - BCAIB Approved

Part 4

Storm Drainage - 2 hours - BCAIB Approved

Hydronic Piping - Mechanical - 1 hour - BCAIB Approved

Wiring Methods and Materials
8 hours

Interior Finishes, Fire and Smoke Protection, Fire Protection Systems - 5 hours - BCAIB Approved

Plumbing Requirements in the Residential Code - 1 hour - BCAIB Approved

Fuel Oil Piping and Storage - 1 hour - BCAIB Approved

Egress and Exterior Walls - 3 hours - BCAIB Approved

Plumbing Requirements in the Existing Building Code -
1 hour - BCAIB Approved

Mechanical Provisions of the Residential Code - 2 hours - BCAIB Approved

Plumbing Requirements in FBC Fuel Gas - 1 hour

Fuel Gas Volume Piping Provisions - 2 hours - BCAIB Approved


Plumbing Requirements in FBC Accessibility - 1 hour

Part 5



Special Occupancies - 3 hours

Accessibility IBC vs. FBC - 2 Hours

Special Equipment and Conditions - 3 hours

Residential Code - 2 hours - BCAIB Approved

Energy Conservation Code IECC vs. FBC - 2 Hours

Part 6




Use and Occupancy - Building - 4 hours

Florida Building Code for Existing Building Volume
2 hours


Email with questions. 

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